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On our last ArchiInsider we looked into our black architecture history. This week we are focusing on current talent within the architecture industry. The importance of this weeks read is to highlight our knowledge of those who are currently on the rise, as these people are more relatable to me and you. We can see the possibilities that others have recently achieved, enforcing a sense of place and worth within the field. One example comes as a woman from the U.S.A and the other a group of women from the U.K. It was not my intention to focus solely on women but here we are! Take inspiration and a sense of motivation in what has been achieved by these black female architects and use it if in doubt about your own journey where hardships may rise.


Samantha Josephat is a young African-American female architect, who founded her own architecture practice STUDIO 397. Samantha is known for her hard working spirit in getting things done and has the great ability to combine her architectural knowledge with finance and construction management. It seems as though she is a great advocate for our current generation in taking the leap into becoming your own boss...granted it doesn't come easy, but it is possible. Samantha's work lies within the regions of commercial stores and residential schemes, large developments and one off condos.

Encouraging words from Samantha Josephat during an article interview

"I try to strongly encourage professionals to never give up on themselves or the relationships they hold dear. You never know when your hard work will return ten-fold"

These are great words of advice, especially for ones architectural journey, a long journey that is. Having listened to many experiences of young black architects unable to get jobs or not being given opportunities to fulfil their potential within the workplace, these words of advice stand strong. Never give up on yourself. As we can see Samantha did not give up on herself, and is now the founder of her own architectural firm with a licence to work in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Tennessee.

Samantha Josephat - COS

Samantha Josephat - Residential


BFA is not an architectural practice but an organisation dedicated to creating a space that tries to enable creative opportunities and a door into networking for black and mixed raced women in the architecture industry. The architecture world is not only predominantly white, this comes hand in hand with it also being a male dominated field, or viewed as a mans job by many. The BFA is forming a change in that. The company has four co-founders, who you see above. Selasi Setufe (top left) who is a qualified Architect with her own practice - Crystal Design Studios which was set up not long after she achieved her Masters in Architecture.

Alisha Morenike Fisher (top right), is primarily known as a design practitioner and co-founder of the design and research practice, MIGRANT'S BUREAU. Aku Danso (bottom left) is an Architect, with the achievement of passing her Part 3 with a Merit at London Metropolitan University. Aku also successfully obtained a First Class Master in Architecture and became a Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust bursary winner (head over to our interview section to find out more about the SLCT).

The fourth co-founder of BFA is Neba Sere (bottom right), an architectural designer who has worked for the award winning Studio Weave. Neba has also lead various small design and construction projects with young people. All the co-founders of BFA show great ambition, strength and dedication within the architectural world. These women are not only dedicated to their own architectural journey but other women like them, this is amazing to see and a huge encouragement to those in doubt. To find out more about BFA head over to their website.

Quote from the BFA Site

"BFA actively addresses issues of inequality and diversity within the industry"

There will be more inspiration to come, but for this weeks ArchiInsider these are the two gems we are sharing. Please do not hesitate to contact POC in Architecture if you know of young black architects or designers who inspire you, and think they may inspire others.This is a reminder that this space is for sharing, networking and appreciating each others achievements, whilst helping to encourage others.

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