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This winter launched POC in Architectures first art exhibtion, Art in Architecture. The idea was to bring artists and architects together in one space, who share similar cultural backgrounds and a relatable passion for creativity connecting to architecture. Majority of artists who exhibited their work were architectural designers who also practice an art form such as, painting, sculpting and illustration. Other artists practice crafts such as metal work, fine art, furniture and generative art, with a connection to architecture.

Work by Lex Fefegha, A day in the ends

The exhibtion was held at CORNER, New Cross in London, an LGBTQ led cafe and exhibtion space. CORNER vouches for inclusivity in many ways as does POC in Architecture, and for that reason the two entities came together to exhibit Art in Architecture. This demonstrated how although different communities have their own mission, these same communities can intersect and create something powerful. The exhibition had a variety of 15 selected artists and the space was curated by Savannah Williams, Founder of POC in Architecture. Her goal was to choose a variety of artists who illustrated architectural language in different mediums and for these artists and architects to engage with one another.

Work by architectural designer and artist, Lauren-Lois

Top left by Fi Sonola, middle by Divine Southgate-Smith, top right by Roxannne Simone

Bottom left by LOOTY, middle by Tanatswa Borerwe, bottom right by Princess Adenrele

The launch evening was a buzz with majority of the artists attending which encouraged them to connect, creating space for networking and community building. Having the artists present at the exhibition opening also allowed the audience to connect directly with the creators of the artwork. This personal interaction enhanced the viewer's understanding of the artist's vision, creative process, and the stories behind the artworks.

Attendees also including architects from the POC in Architecture mentoring program, architecture students, founders of community lead organisations, and individuals interested in enjoying art. It was a launch of networking, sharing interests and celebrating one another. Guests of the evening said they throughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the variety of work displayed, which demonstrated an array of different crafts and skill. After the launch, the exhibition ran for three weeks, extending the opportunity to visit.

Reflecting on the exhibtion, the interdisciplinary collaboration of art and architecture enhances both fields in various ways, contributing to aesthetic, functional, and cultural dimensions. Understanding how an architect creates a painting or how an artists depicts architectural forms. Art has the power to evoke emotions and create memorable experiences. When integrated into architecture, art can influence the emotional response people have to a space, and with the exhibtion POC in Architecture and the 15 artists were able to demonstrate this.

Top left by Teshome Douglas-Campbell, middle by Don Heston, top right background Fantsastic Plastic Studio, foreground Lauren-Lois. Bottom left by Kuda Mushangi, middle by Farouk Adegboyeha Agoro, bottom right by Teshome Douglas-Campbell

If you would like to see more moments from our winter exhibtion and find the artists social media, head over to our instagram page @pocarchitecture_.

Finally, POC in Architecture and Architecture LGBT + will be collaborating Sprint 2024 to put together an architectural art exhibtion which interesects the LGBTQ community and the African and Caribbean community of POC who practice architecture and/or art, surrounding the topic of identity, place and story telling. If you are interested in participating by exhibting your work, please contact Formal applications to open in the new year but if interested now contact us!

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