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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

As we go into the the new year POCinA are taking the platform to a new level by doing our first mentoring scheme, a great way to support the young up and coming Architects of the next generation who are of a minority background. POCinA was set up to provide support and awareness to people of colour within architecture, whilst celebrating their achievements to encourage, motivate and show more work from people of different backgrounds. Being a mentor means you are part of a student’s journey, by making a positive impact through support, this will provide extra knowledge for professional practice.

Our Aim

A scheme set up for minority (black and mixed heritage) students of architecture who are in their last year of Part 1. The mentoring program consists of qualified Architects, female, and male from a mix of backgrounds and experiences. These mentors are here to give time to students who are about to enter the real world of architecture. It is a great way for students to prepare for the creative working world and is a safe space to ask questions and gain advice. Mentors will provide support to students by:

· Portfolio, CV and interview advice

· Conversations to reflect on career direction and goals

· Share their own personal experience (case studies, practice work)

· Provide one to one support and guidance in preparation for practicing architecture

· Advice on Part 1 year out professional practice (PEDR, CPD, how to make the most of this time for the benefit of yourself and your career)

Mentors Time

We all know life can get busy so we don't ask for too much time from you as a mentor, we do ask to just make the most of the time you do share with your mentee. There will be three sessions, one a month, starting March-May for one hour of your time.

Calling Part I Students

Finally, if you are a POC Part I student in your final year please do get in contact with us to apply for this mentoring scheme, alternatively if you know of anyone who is studying that would fit this opportunity, please send them our way. We look forward to meeting the next generation of creatives.

If you would like to join and be mentored, please send an email to:

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