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How important is it to encourage, motivate and help develop the next generation of architects? It's safe to say, most of us deem this as essential. Where would we be without our pushy tutors, and wise, but tough words during crits? It is all part of becoming an architect and a designer of the built environment.

This year POC in Architecture set up their first round of mentoring for black, and mixed heritage students, with mentors from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The reason for this, was to expose minority Part I students to RIBA qualified architects, from different races and heritage - Caribbean, African, European, English, and so on. Providing inclusion and exposure. Further to this the ultimate point of the program, was to give a boost to final Part I students, as they prepared their final projects, and got ready to enter the working world. The mentoring included one on one advice, exposure to what it is like to be a qualified architect, and visits to architectural offices.

Hosted at: Collective Ending HQ, London

To celebrate the students on the program, an exhibition was held, to honour their work, allowing them to network with each other, the mentors and guests of the event. It was great to witness the connections between people and there was a real atmosphere of positivity, and inspiration. There was impressive work, and enthusiasm from both students and mentors which was great to see.

Work by: Taja Dennis

Left Work by: Shakira Willingale Haynes

Right Work by: Tayja Lovemore-Lowe

The intent is to run this scheme every year. PocinA aim to grow this project further, and encourage any enthusiastic RIBA qualified architects interested in participating, to get in contact:

Further to this, students of black or mixed heritage entering their final year of Part I or Part II, to also please get in contact. It has been great for students in confidence, CV prep and any general architectural worries that come along the way. Mentors have found the experience rewarding, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Work by: Muna Mohamud

Work by: Hebah Gheedan

Work by: Eduardo Burros

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