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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

We are excited to announce our new opportunity - POCinA Model Making Workshop in collaboration with one of the top architecture practices, Foster + Partners. Model making is a big part of architecture, during university and in practice. It is how we convey our ideas to tutors, to clients and to our design team. Model making can be used to convey design in multiple ways through using multiple materials, photography techiniques and more. Foster + Partners have a dedicated model making team and workshop to support delivering projects and illustrating ideas. This is a unique opportunity to work within the model making space at the practice and learn from them.

Models in the Foster + Partners London office

What can I expect from this opportunity?

POC in Architecture will provide a mini design brief to which you and your design team of other successful applicants will collaborate and create your project. This allows you to develop your communication, team work skills and ability to think on your feet!

During the workshop you can expect to work with other young aspiring architects, model makers from Foster + Partners, and have discussions with architecture staff from the practice about your ideas. The final day of the workshop, you and your design team will get to discuss and present your work to some of the staff at the practice.

You will be able to take the skills you learn away and utilise them either in University or in practice, and have a project developed outside of Univeristy to showcase in your portfolios.

When is this opportunity?

The workshop runs from July 17th - July 27th.

Through these two weeks there will be 5 evenings where you will be working on site at the practice and the other days in between you will have to work with your team members either virtually or in a shared space.

You should only apply if you are able to dedicate these two weeks to the workshop opportunity as you will need this time to develop, create and draw up your ideas with one another.

Models in the Foster + Partners London office

Can I apply?

This is an opportunity for Part 1 and Part 2 student studying at UK based University’s. You should still be enrolled in your Univeristy to ensure you have access to all the digital software you may want to use to illustrate your ideas. The applications are open to students of African and Caribbean heritage, black or mixed heritage. The latest RIBA Education Statistics report showed that students of black ethnicity are the lowest demographic enrolled in architecture courses and at POC in Architecture are aim is to encourage our young black creatives who aspire to be architects and demonstrate inclusion within the workplace.

How to apply

Please send applications to

This should be in a word or pdf document that includes the following:


- Name

- Heritage

- University and Course Name

- Which year you are in

- 200 words about you and why you feel this opportunity will benefit you

- 2 images that best express your design skills/ work (this could be a digital drawing, sketch, model etc)

Applications close June 26th!

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