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LSA Launches New Bursary Scheme

London School of Architecture, otherwise known as LSA, is an architecture school that has an innovative way of approaching the architectural education system. LSA aim to progress forward from the traditional way of architecture education, and form a relationship between academia and practice. They achieve this by having an arrangement where students are working in practice on placement three days a week and the remainder of their time is spent on LSA projects.

Image: LSA Instagram

In summer 2021, LSA appointed a new head of school Neal Shore, who is keen to grow the schools commitment to diversity, inclusion, as well as design in relation to environmental matters and social justice. The school shows great initiative to progress the architectural education system to one that is more integrated with the real working world, and the complexities of its social issues. The latest opportunity that the LSA has launched is a new bursary for students from low-income backgrounds, this is due to the schools commitment to widening access to architectural education. The programme will offer:

3 x full fees and maintenance bursaries for the LSA’s M.Arch (Part 2) in Designing Architecture - £36,000 per student across the two-year programme.

The bursaries are aimed at talented prospective Part 2 students from low-income backgrounds (household income of £25,000 or lower) and refugees who would otherwise be unable to pursue their architectural studies.

The requirements for the bursary are as such; that the students must be eligible for ‘home’ fees and will need to qualify as one of the following:

  • Independent (i.e over 25 and not financially dependent on parents)

  • Young Independent (i.e. under 25 and not financially dependent on parents), or;

  • Refugee or a Person Granted Humanitarian Protection – possibly dependent financially on parents or relatives

If you feel you fit the criteria or know someone who this may be useful to, please click the link to make best use of this opportunity: _LSA. and contact the London School of Architecture for more information.

Image: LSA Instagram

LSA Instagram: @LSofArch

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