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This weeks students work is by Atim Kilama. Atim studied her Part I at the University of Kent and took her Part II at the University of Greenwich. Prior to completing the Part II degree, Atim worked as a Part I Architectural Assistant at BDP and now currently works for Make Architects as a Part II Architectural Assistance. For Atim, she has found both practices has allowed the development of concept and technical knowledge and has most importantly increased her confidence as a designer. An important factor as a developing architect.

Outside of architecture Atim enjoys screen printing, having an A0 screen print at home where she can create prints as well as enjoying hand collages from magazines. The project below Goat Mountain was initially conceptualised through a series of collages and later on Atim realised how effective this was for her as a means of conveying a concept from an early stage. Atim loves mixed media, textures, patterns and the synthesis of combining artist skills.

For the near future Atim is focused on starting and completing the Part III and in the long term Atim would like to work in spatial experiential design, due to her passion in how we engage with spaces and what defines space.

Please view Atims beautiful vibrant Part II final project below, along with her own written summary.

Goat Mountain

| Project Overview

The agricultural sector in Uganda employs 70% of the workforce and makes up 26% of total national gross domestic product. Despite this, the Ugandan agricultural market mainly exports raw commodities and does not process agricultural materials. This project speculates on how Uganda could transform its economy and become an agricultural superpower, increasing Uganda's GDP, standard of living for farmers and quality of life by transforming raw goods to processed goods, in this instance through goat rearing.

Goat mountain was selected by Blueprint magazine to be exhibited in their exhibition in Clerkenwell 2019. The project received a special mention at the award ceremony.

| Project Aim

In the title of my project I refer to goat mountain as an Architectural prophecy. I called it this because a prophecy intends to predict what will happen in the future normally with the intent of inspiring people. In this instance the intent was to inspire agricultural processing and investment into agriculture of local farmers and Ugandan agri-businesses, strengthening and further developing the community. I wanted to also develop an architectural language that spoke to Uganda's natural landscape and vernacular architecture. The mountain drew inspiration from the gradient typography of Kampala's hills (capital city of Uganda). The Milks falls (which you can see below) drew inspiration from Murchison falls and the many other waterfalls in Uganda. For me it was equally important that the aesthetics of this project remained truthful to the context.

Milks Falls

The Processing City

Milk Baths

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