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Our mentoring program is back for another year, with one to one sessions, CV guidance and portfolio advice, along with learning from an architect who is currently practicing and in the working world. This mentorship is aimed at preparing students for practice and bridging the gap between university and working.

This unique program is for the African and Caribbean heritage students during their education, to support them transitioning into practice. Our mentors are fully qualified, and practicing architects - 70% Black and Asian, 30% White demographic. The foundation of POC in Architecture is to promote and bring awareness to the importance diversity and inclusion in the industry, whilst creating a unique space, and opportunity to the minority within architecture. If you would like to see more on why this program began, hit the program tab.

The program will be running from March - June for, with our celebratory student exhibtion late June/July. As a student you can exhibit your final project in an art gallery in London. Students who took the opportunity last year found the exhibition, enjoyable as they got to network with architects they could relate to, through more than design, as well as growing their confidence in speaking with the other mentors and students who attended. It is also an opportunity to have guests view your work, from outside of University, posing potential job opportunities.

Applications are now open for this years mentoring program, you must apply no later than 25/02/24 via email to:

Please include:



Year of Study (i.e year one or final year)

Course Name



A short paragraph about yourself

Limited spaces are available so we advise you apply as soon as you can.

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