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This week I have decided that the celebration of students work will be my own! I am currently studying at the University of Westminster completing my Part II, before this I completed my Part I degree at the University of Liverpool. I have experienced working in a firm in Liverpool whilst studying and for my year out in 2018/19 I worked for Frank Reynolds Architects in Clerkenwell. A practice that focuses on residential schemes in and around London. A side from work experience and studying, during the abundance of time in quarantine I began this passion project POC in Architecture. Enough about me now, please view my last project from my first year of the Part II masters...

Site Strategy - Applying a protective skin to the contaminated city

| Project Overview

In a time where Vietnam’s northern city Hanoi continues to increase in population density through globalization and air pollution levels continue to rise, there is a lack of rest amongst the commotion. The quality of the urban fabric has become dense in movement, overflowing with permanent residents and visiting travellers. With vendors, habitants and parked bikes consuming the pavements and speedy motorbikes rushing through the streets this leaves minimum space to breath. It is known that the effect of air pollution has taken its toll on the people of Hanoi, citizens suffering from respiratory diseases and constantly covering their noses and mouths whilst out. The project consists of a clay housing intervention in a cleaner environment, large green courtyards and a range of skins which aid in combating the bad toxins within the air.

The three skins:

  • High Tech Pollution and Carbon Absorbing Skin - This facade attaches to existing tube houses. The skin absorbs a mix of compounds, the carbons are recycled into a fertilizer which is then used within the courtyard interventions

  • Low Tech Clay Potting Plant Skin - The plants help to increase air quality and a sense of tranquility within the busy city

  • Bird Facade - increases biodiversity and provides a safe environment for the birds of Hanoi

Bird Facade

| Project Aim

The oasis Breathing in Hanoi aims to provide the city with a way to adapt its ever-growing fractured landscape, allowing the people within Hanoi to breath away from the air contamination of the city, yet remain within its roots. This city is vulnerable due to the urban stresses of public infrastructure systems, social interaction and population growth.

The project challenges the typology of the compact city by creating spaces of purity, sanitation and calmness through breathing pockets woven into the landscape as courtyards, protected by an innovative skin coated in TiO2 (titanium dioxide). This will provide solutions for the inability to breath comfortably in Hanoi, implementing apertures through subtracting components and adding softness into the harsh landscape.

The projected achieved this by having two strategies one high tech which integrates with the existing (the high tech facades) and one low tech which is created within the site (housing and biodiversity strategies).

3D Site View

Two Types of Skin - High Tech Pollution Absorbing Skin & Clay Potting Plant Skin

3D Section of Carbon Absorption Recycling Process

Elevation - High Tech Facade Along Hanoi Market Street

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