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Welcome to POC in Architecture

Creating social impact and supporting the next generation of creatives

Welcome to People of Colour in Architecture CIC. A unique organisation with a blog here for you to explore. POCinA is about sharing design achievements and interesting topics, whilst creating discussions and opportunities. At present, the UK architectural industry has approximately 1% Black architects in its sector, and POCinA aims to support, provide representation and a safe space for UK based architectural designers of African and Caribbean heritage.

POC in Architecture’s content, workshops and educational support opportunities, aim to provide benefit to its members, and the wider architectural community who fall within this demographic, to encourage and create a space for these creatives as minorities in the field.

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Mission Statement

At POC in Architecture CIC, our mission is to create a more equitable and inclusive architecture industry by supporting architecture students from minority ethnic backgrounds. Our objective is to empower these students to achieve their full potential and to contribute to a more diverse and vibrant profession. 

POC in Architecture believe that diversity is not only a matter of social justice, but also a vital source of innovation and creativity. By promoting diversity and inclusion in architecture, we seek to enrich the profession with new perspectives, ideas, and solutions. By collaborating with architecture practices and Universities we can create a more cohesive and inclusive field, while simultaneously improving the statistics of those of African and Caribbean heritage wishing to pursue architecture in the UK.

To achieve our mission, we provide a range of resources and support to architecture students from black and mixed heritage backgrounds, including mentorship, networking opportunities, online representation, and workshops with practices. We also work to raise awareness and promote dialogue about diversity and inclusion within the architecture community and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and welcoming architecture industry that reflects the full diversity of our society. By empowering architecture students from minority ethnic backgrounds, we hope to build a brighter future for the profession and for our communities.

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