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This week we celebrate the work of Edgar A. Cabral de Brito, who is a Part II Graduate currently working at a London based architectural practice. Edgar studied his Masters degree at the University of Greenwich, where he was able to further explore and express his love for architecture and design. Edgar has an interest in all things design related whether it be architecture, landscape, fashion or graphics. Architectural projects are subject to multiple layers such as the narrative, the design process and execution of the concept that is devised by the creator. Through viewing his final thesis, the passion for aesthetic style and will to underpin the relationship between the technicalities of a design and its presentation is evident.

In the near future, Edgar plans to take the RIBA Part 3 course and explore other facets of design which surround architecture. Furthermore, he is a fan of sports, culture, music and the urban environment, and believes these elements play an important role in defining us and the times we live in.

Please enjoy Edgars work below.

Creative Interdisciplinary Urban Appropriation

| Project Overview & Aims

Modern technologies and creative practices have facilitated the collaborative possibilities for which creative outlets can expand and amplify their disciplines. Whether it be an overlap in technical craftsmanship, methods of working or via instruments, the array of creative disciplines which currently exist all offer a means of collaborating and thus require adequate architectural spaces in which to do so.

Throughout the world one can find a plethora of districts which lend themselves to creative disciplines and cultures. These urban pockets are often simply occupied by creative practices and are without any significant architectural intervention. This project aims to introduce that missing architectural intervention through explorative practices.

By investigating the physical analogue realm of interdisciplinary collaboration, this scheme begins to speculate the appearance and architecture of a cross-discipline solid. Situated in the centre of London, this machine-like architecture is conceived through a collaborative evolution of practices which it now accommodates and enhances, transforming the streetscape and the way we collaborate.

You can find more of Edgars work via his creative Instagram page: @edgarthebrito

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