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This weeks celebration of students work is from Ché, who is about to embark on his Part III degree at the University of Westminster to complete his architectural journey. Ché initially did an art foundation course at Kingston college, he then went on to study his BArch at Central Saint Martins College of Art. Ché completed his Part II at the University of Greenwich.

Prior to his journey of studying in London, Ché lived in Bermuda where he is from where he gained architectural experience from an early age of 16. This involved him shadowing an architect learning about plans, sections and elevations, which lead him to work for the company every summer and Christmas earning money and gaining experience for 7 years. Due to his length at this practice by the end he had managed his own projects drafted fee proposals and had juniors working under him to assist. Outside of architecture Ché enjoys travelling when he can and socializing.

Please enjoy Ché's Part II end of year project below.

| Project Overview

The plastic converting tower: A design for a conceptual proposal of plastic to liquid fuel converting tower. There is a growing consensus that plastic pollution is a prevalent issue as it has been a recurring topic. This proposal is set on a narrative-driven as an Architectural response. Can profit be created from mismanaged plastic waste and if so what forms of architecture can be developed?

| Project Aim

To combat against mismanaged plastic waste and create renewable energy while reducing plastic pollution. 

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