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What does an Architect look like when you think of the job role? Below are faces of creative hard working individuals within the architecture industry. Some of which are fully qualified or studying. The purpose of this blog is to provide representation of POC (people of colour) in the industry. I believe it is important to see ourselves in multiple professions, as it allows the current and next generation to see more possibilities for themselves. 

I am currently at my second institution of study and can count on one hand the amount of black students in my year. Is it because less of us are applying for this course or because it doesn’t seem “for us”? Data from the Office of National Statistics shows 93.7% of the architecture industry’s sector is white.

The aim of this blog is to celebrate the black community who have their own stories but are just as worthy as the typical idea of an architect. This ongoing platform will support and celebrate POC in architecture - sharing relevant topics, design work and interviews. This blog is open for all to enjoy and explore, please do not be afraid to connect, be a part of or keep in the know of POC in Architecture.

"We are all capable of achieving what we desire no matter the colour of our skin, and we should all believe in our creative intellect."

So please do not hesitate to connect with people like yourselves and surround yourself with others in the architecture field. Please do not be afraid to comment on posts, share and like. This is a space to be enjoyed as well as aiming to keep us motivated and educated in and around architecture and culture.

Meet some of the POC in Architecture

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